Strategy: Avego BioScience Capital

Alto Pharmacy

A full-service, digitally-powered pharmacy providing an easier, more supportive and more affordable pharmacy experience.

Tourmaline Bio

Clinical-stage company developing transformative medicines that dramatically improve the lives of patients with life-altering immune diseases.

Escient Pharmaceuticals

Clinical-stage company advancing novel small molecule therapeutics for the potential treatment of a broad range of neurosensory-inflammatory disorders.

Health Outlook

Health prediction company utilizing proteomics and advanced statistical techniques to better predict and improve health outcomes.

Xcell Biosciences

Commercial-stage life science company dedicated to bringing an innovative primary cell control solution to the immunotherapy market to support research, drug discovery, and cell manufacturing.

Antios Therapeutics

Clinical-stage biotechnology company developing innovative therapies to treat and cure chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV).

Caribou Biosciences

Clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing transformative genome-edited allogeneic cell therapies for devastating human diseases.

Completed IPO in 2021

Ribon Therapeutics

Clinical-stage biotechnology company pursuing the development of novel small molecules that target cancer through its dependency on stress support pathways.

Arch Oncology

Clinical-stage immuno-oncology company that aims to discover and develop potential best-in-class antibody therapies for the treatment of patients with cancer.


Clinical-stage T cell receptor biotechnology company working to develop and commercialize a new generation of transformative medicines to address unmet needs in cancer, infection and autoimmune disease.

Completed IPO in 2021